Stucco Claims

Nydia Han’s report featuring Jennifer Horn, Esquire (from Horn Williamson LLC).

Hundreds of homeowners claim a construction problem of epidemic proportions is tearing through homes in the Delaware Valley, leaving them with repairs costing into the six figures. (WPVI)

Our Firm

HORN WILLIAMSON, LLC provides legal services to a diverse client base at all stages of the construction process from the design phase of a construction project through the conclusion of construction and beyond.


Legal Counsel for the Construction Industry

Practice Areas

Business & Commercial Litigation

When commercial disputes cannot be resolved, we counsel business regarding their options and, when necessary, aggressively represent their interests in litigation in all degrees of complexity.

Construction Defect Claims

Our team has substantial experience representing individual homeowners and homeowner associations in construction defect claims, specifically building envelope failures resulting from defectively installed siding, stucco and exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS).

Construction Contracts

Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor or homeowner, you need to know how the terms of a contract you sign affect you. We provide guidance and counsel in the negotiation, drafting, and interpretation of construction contracts and other construction related documents.

Real Estate Transactions

The purchase of real estate, especially a home, is usually the single biggest investment one makes in a lifetime. We represent both sellers and buyers of real estate.

Mechanic’s and Construction Liens

Are you a contractor that has not been paid for work performed on a construction project? If so, you may have rights under Pennsylvania’s Mechanic’s Lien Law. We have substantial experience asserting Mechanic’s and Construction Liens on behalf of contractors.

Breach of Contract

When one party to an agreement fails to complete its agreement based on the contract terms, our team can assist with the breach of contract.

Contractor Termination

If contractors or subcontractors fail to perform in accordance with the terms of their contract, our team will provide guidance in documenting the poor performance and, if necessary, terminating the contract.

MBE/WBE Enterprise Certification

Owners and government entities are increasingly interested in awarding contracts to MBE/WBE contractors, and we can assist contractors in becoming certified so that they are eligible for this type of work.

Surety Bonds

In the event of a contractor or subcontractor default on a bonded project, our team will analyze the situation and make the appropriate surety bond claim.

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the event of a contractual dispute, instead of litigation, many construction contracts require mediation followed by arbitration. Our team is accomplished in handling all aspects of alternative dispute resolution.